Saturday, January 8, 2011

Zigbee - zapping away wired worries

In recent years there has been rapid development in the wireless sector due to demand for wire free connectivity. Most of the development was focused on high data rate applications like file transfer etc with new standards like Bluetooth emerging.
During this time applications that required lower data rates but had some other special requirements were neglected in the sense that no open standard was available.
Either these applications we abandoned in the wireless arena or implemented using proprietary standards hurting the interoperability of the system.
ZigBee is a wireless standard that caters to this particular sector. Potential applications of ZigBee include Home Automation, Wireless Sensor Networks, Patient monitors etc. The key features of these applications and hence aims of ZigBee are
  1. Low Cost
  2. Low Power for increased battery life
  3. Low Range
  4. Low Complexity
  5. Low Data Rates
  6. Co-Existence with other long range Wireless Networks
The ZigBee standard is maintained by ZigBee Alliance is a spin off of the HomeRF group, an unsuccessful home automation related consortium.
It is built upon the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol which is intended for LR-WPAN (Low Rate - Wireless Personal Area Network).
In this seminar a general overview of ZigBee is followed by an analysis of how ZigBee and underlying 802.15.4 provide the aims mentioned. Also a brief comparisons with other solutions will be done.

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